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While Reinhardt Law Offices, PLLC, dba as Reinhardt Closing and Property Law Services, primarily represents the City of Durham and the County of Durham for tax foreclosures and municipal lien forecosures, we are open to expanding that work by by contracting with more North Carolina taxing units.  Mr. Reinhardt has been closing residential and commercial real estate transactions in the Triangle area since 1976, and since 1989 has done a considerable amount of property tax collection and tax foreclosure work for the City and County of Durham.

It only takes a phone call or e-mail to Mr. Reinhardt to start the process of bringing us to your county and/or municipality.  We want to work with you to improve your collection rate, from sending out pre-foreclosure attorney demand letter to instituting a mortgage-style tax foreclosure system,  all customized to work best for your particular taxing unit.  Take a moment to walk through the traditional “six W’s” below, to see if this is a good fit for your taxing unit:

Who:   Charles A. "Chip" Reinhardt, Jr.  is a board-certified specialist in real property law, and has more than twenty years of successful experience in prosecuting mortgage-style tax foreclosure cases.

What:   Demand Letters:  Pre-Foreclosure Demand Letters from an attorney almost always get more immediate results that the pro-forma collection letters generated by most taxing unit software.  And their cost can be recovered from the taxpayer, same as any attorney fee or cost in a foreclosure action.

Mortgage-Style Foreclosure:   This needs to be a tool in the collection arsenal of every county and/or municipality.  It is almost always faster than the so-called "in-rem" foreclosure process, and usually does not cost the county any unreimbursed money.  Purchasers from mortgage-style foreclosures, done properly by an experienced and careful attorney with full attention to notice, service of process and the due process of law, can usually secure title insurance, while purchasers from in-rem foreclosures are almost never able to secure title insurance.

Where:  Your county and/or municipality.  With the recent advances in online records, plus customization for each county and/or municipality, it is now feasible to extend to the entire state the reach of demand letters and mortgage-style tax foreclosure that our firm is successfully using in Durham.

When:  The sooner, the better.  Start increasing your collection rate now, and especially clear that backlog of long-delinquent taxes.  Contact us by phone (919-687-4050) or e-mail, and let's get together to customize a delinquent tax collection plan and process for your county and/or municipality.

Why:  The regular use of attorney demand letters and mortgage-style tax foreclosure will almost certainly increase your collection rate, both directly in terms of dollars collected through our efforts, as well as indirectly by taxpayers realizing that the county and/or municipality truly mean to collect their taxes.

How:  The actual process of setting up a demand letter process and/or a mortgage-style tax foreclosure process in your county and/or municipality is set forth in a Basic Procedures Outline that we will send you upon request.  From the foundations of this Basic Procedures Outline, we work with you to formulate a contract, customize our process for your county and/or municipality, and get underway with collecting those delinquent taxes.