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chip011Ever since I first announced my departure from my previous firm back in the autumn of 2012, a number of questions have come up from clients and friends.  I’ll put some of these questions and answers, and add to this FAQ as more come up.

Q:  Have you retired from the practice of law?
   NO! This is the most common question I have to answer.  I have NOT retiring from the practice of law.  I love being a lawyer, and I love serving my clients with professional and experienced service.

Q:  Why did you decide to leave the firm that you started?
A:   I have been practicing law in Durham since 1976, more than 40 years now.  For 25 of those years, I have been in partnerships with other lawyers, and acting as the manager of those firms.  For 5 years, in the early 1980s, I was in sole practice, and I look back with fond memories on that time.  I decided that it was time to simplify my life by selling my building, leaving my current firm and going into sole practice again.  It was the right decision - I have not had any regrets.

Q.  Is your long-time closing secretary, Karen Davis, coming with you?
  Yes, Karen is still with me in the new firm. 

Q:   What kind of work do you do?
A:   I have been practicing real property law since 1976, and have been a North Carolina board certified specialist in residential and commercial real property law since 1993.  That work is still my primary passion and focus.  I do house closings, refinances, commercial closings, and all other manner of real property law.  I will also continue my long-standing services to Durham, and to other counties and cities, for mortgage-style tax foreclosure work.

Back in 2012, I originally thought about expanding my practice areas to some non-real estate areas, but have found that real estate work is all I have time for.  When it comes to the needs of our clients in non-real estate areas, I have good attorneys to whom referrals are made

IQ:   What about client files?
   I have control and access to all title, tax foreclosure and case files that I have worked on.  I am also keeping, in storage and for access, closed files that belonged to my former partner Terry Fisher (who is now a civil magistrate).  All title and case files that were worked on by my former partners remained with their respective firms.